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Each college essay is an expanded version of a school essay. While working on it, you need to be able to analyze a work or reflect on a given situation, putting your thoughts in a literary form. The essay writer must understand the given topic, look for additional relevant materials. Not everyone can combine the ability to analyze and submit analysis competently and easily. A student can perfectly understand a topic and get into an argument concerning it, but in writing, it does not go as it should. Time required is not enough as well. An excellent way-out is to pay for essay to order.

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While ordering an essay writing, you probably want to get a good work, not a formal reply. Most likely for you, the timing of the order is important. The cost of work is probably important as well. In addition, of course, guarantees are required.

An essay is a kind of creative blue-sky thinking. This is a concentrated creative work. This is a test of your ability to reflect, draw conclusions and express your opinion. If you decide to order an essay on the Internet, you need a person:

  • with brains;
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  • broad erudition;
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  • beautiful style of presentation;
  • harmony of thoughts;
  • philosophical approach.

Unfortunately, not all performers offering the writing of college papers are equally good. The main risks while ordering an essay are the choice of a performer, who works on a template, writes off other people`s thoughts, compiles pieces of books and articles. However, an essay is not an abstract. The other extreme is an executor spewing a stream of incoherent thoughts, unable to structure the theses and arguments. However, an essay is not a stream of consciousness.

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Tips for students: how to write a philosophy paper from A to Z and get excellent mark

Features of psychology as a scientific discipline and difficulties in writing philosophy paper

Psychology in itself is a science of complex and ambiguous. Take into account at least the fact that even a clear and unanimously accepted definition of the very subject of studying psychology – human psychology – is still not there. This detail finds its reflection in vivid and very different styles of psychologists, a lot of contradictory methods and ubiquitous opportunities for discussions and scientific disputes.

Moreover, psychological studies themselves are often subjective. The researcher is forced to address not only the theory, but also his own point of view on certain aspects of the human psyche. Even doctors of sciences agree that psychological research and self-knowledge of the researcher-psychologist have a close relationship. It’s no wonder that even the very necessity of writing philosophy paper often leads students into a stupor.

Nevertheless, the observance of certain rules will help to write the course as quickly as possible, and also to overcome the main difficulties arising in the research process. As practice shows, if writing a course according to the plan, clearly adhering to a certain structure, work on the first scientific work will go much easier.

The structure of writing philosophy paper

In the most general form, the structure of course work on psychology is as follows:

  1. Introduction;
  2. The main part (theoretical and practical sections);
  3. Conclusion;
  4. List of used literature;
  5. Annexes.

In the case of philosophy paper, it is especially important to write the introduction correctly, which is almost the most difficult part of the whole work.

The main difficulty consists in the competent specification of 5 fundamentally important parameters:

  • the object and the subject of the research;
  • relevance of the research topic;
  • the main purpose of the work;
  • tasks assigned to achieve the goal of the work;
  • working hypotheses.

The urgency of the work is determined by the level of its study at the moment and the need for further study from the point of view of the development of psychology as a science. For example, works on old theories of personality are not relevant today – there is a sense in detailed studies of the newest theories, especially if they have not been sufficiently studied.

The goal of any philosophy paper is the study of the subject of research. The goal can only be one and it must be formulated with the words “reveal”, “explore,” “study,” “develop,” etc. The single goal of the work is specified through specific tasks – as a rule, their number does not exceed five.

To fulfill all the tasks set and to achieve the research objective, a working hypothesis is used – the basic assumption, whose fidelity and capacity is verified during the research.

The very course of the study is described in the main part of the course work, which must necessarily include 2 chapters:

  • a theoretical review of the literature on this topic;
  • research part.

Particularly important for course work on psychology is the research part. Psychological studies are most often performed using the basic method – a scientific experiment that involves special trainings, interviews and tests among the subjects.

The results of the psychological experiment conducted by the student are described in the conclusion, which sums up the results of the entire study. In conclusion, it is finally determined whether the initial working hypothesis has been confirmed (verified).

Annexes often by volume may even exceed the bulk of the course work. After all, the specificity of psychological research involves the use of special tables and graphs, as well as questionnaires, which are necessarily placed in the annexes to the course. In addition, the student who conducted the surveys should provide in the applications a questionnaire of all subjects.

The objectives of the philosophy paper work are:

  • expansion and deepening of theoretical knowledge of students in fundamental and practice-oriented branches of psychology;
  • mastering the methodology of psychological research;
  • acquisition of independent literary search skills in solving specific research problems;
  • improving the skills of generalization of theoretical and empirical data;
  • improving the skills of correct processing and interpretation of psychodiagnostic material;
  • applying the system of theoretical knowledge obtained in the practice of solving specific psychological problems;

In philosophy paper, a student should show:

  • an understanding of the logic of psychological research;
  • ability to navigate in modern scientific concepts;
  • the ability to analyze and generalize literary sources, formulate conclusions and assumptions;
  • the ability to independently set and solve research and practical tasks;
  • skills of quantitative and qualitative processing of empirical material.

How to analyze the article?

How to analyze the article?

Ability to analyze and critically think is a valuable skill in writing high school essays. It will not only help you in your studies, but it will also allow you to evaluate the validity of news articles and carry out necessary, sometimes thorough research. A good analysis requires writing a summation based on an article and researching a biography of its author. The first reading should be used to understand the general concept of the material and get a general understanding of its content. If you are reading an article of specific content, you should make sure that you understand all the data before you begin the analysis. Try to write a short summary of an article with a volume of 3-4 sentences. If you cannot do this, then you may need to reread it again. Think about the opportunity to retell the article out loud, if you do it easier than writing a resume. If you can briefly retell the content of the article, avoiding unnecessary use of technical terms, you are ready to move on. Also you can print the article. In case you do not know how to use special programs like Evernote, you should do it manually or ask someone to edit paper. Make sure that the page numbers are printed on the printouts, so that you can correctly refer to the article when you analyze it. Highlight the main points in the article, which will be the main argument, which the author emphasizes or tries to prove in his material. Your analysis will return to this thesis, as you decide how successful the author was able to convince his audience. Conduct a small biographical study about the author of the article. His qualifications will show whether the author’s opinion is competent. In historical articles, it will also show whether the author’s work is a primary or secondary source. Determine whether you think that the author can be accused of bias. In articles related to the media, you must determine whether the author can remain fairly uninterested in his coverage of recent events. Indicate whether you think that the author wrote an article designed for this audience to be sure in the right type of essays. For example, if the audience is an unlimited circle of people, and the author uses purely technical terms, then this article will probably be difficult to understand. Cite the article to highlight particularly successful or failed arguments. Analyze the article, establishing how informative and interrelated the author’s arguments are. Go back to your notes to find quotes or questions about the validity of the argument. Always check the contents of your work, spelling and grammatical errors before using it at the according; also you may use online essay writer help to do it. Although the article analysis can be done quickly enough, it should be edited at least once. Make a critical reading of the article to finally determine that everything is relevant and make sure of your success.

Can I use free essays: is it plagiarism?

Can I use free essays: is it plagiarism?

We are taught that copying the work of others is bad. In fact, stealing someone else’s ideas and giving them away for their own is a crime that has far-reaching consequences. At the same time, the desire for originality at any cost can also have negative consequences. There are circumstances when copying is acceptable or even recommended. Free-plagiarism is a dream of all college students. Typically, this can be part of the learning process. For example, free essays are absolutely legitimate, as a source of inspiration. There is nothing wrong with copying for the sake of learning.

The history has known examples of copying. There is, for instance, the famous story of the 14-year-old Mozart copying Mizerere Allegri, his 12-minute play, note after note, after hearing it only once. Mizerere is the author of Psalm 51, and in those days, writing or performing it anywhere, except for the church, could lead to excommunication (the exception to the sacraments of the church). Papa, however, did not punish Mozart. Instead, he praised the musical abilities of the young boy and even lifted the ban on recording and playing Mizerere. Papa appreciated the talent that could accomplish the almost impossible task of copying this melody.

Students use free samples of essays and follow their style and format, as musicians learn to play melodies by ear, artists create variations on famous masterpieces; software developers use some interesting code snippets that they find. Observation and imitation are a powerful strategy for learning and complete your essay, because of the way our brain works.

Have you noticed that you can accomplish the task faster and easier if you have a good role model? This is a simple and natural way to learn. Learning does not necessarily require suffering. You must use the potential of your brain to the fullest, instead of trying to violate the laws of his work.

At the same time, it is very important to use the imitation strategy correctly. The boundary between “inspire” and “copy” can be blurred. Copying and pasting some parts of free articles into your own document is not the right way. Do not expect an easy disposal of plagiarism, as it is easy to detect using freely available software. In addition, there is no expiration date for plagiarism.

Annette Schawan, the German education minister, learned about this at her own bitter experience: she had to resign from her post after accidentally plagiarism was discovered in her doctoral dissertation.

Golden Rules for Avoiding Plagiarism

Nevertheless, do not be afraid of unintentional plagiarism. You may use the essay writer help to take away unneeded phrases. When checking for plagiarism, it is easy to detect duplicate content, but teachers will double-check to avoid unreasonable charges. Just take the appropriate precautions:

Use quotation marks with direct quotes word for word, carefully rephrase indirect quotes, use free abstracts for your inspiration and for research purposes;

Do not quote free work, as they are just a learning tool. Select the most valuable resources from the bibliography and use their primary sources. The valuable information and ideas contained in such archives can help accelerate your research. Learning by observing and imitating the work done by specialists, when used correctly, can be very effective tactics during research.

Help with essays: 12 risks for your academic success

Help with essays: 12 risks for your academic success

Do you know this feeling like you are ready to fail your essay? This article tells you how to do the best papers ever and edit amazing college papers. Only a small change in your approach is all you need to be successful. Just stop doing the following and you will notice how your essays:



Probably, there is no need to search numerous studies that have proved that multitasking is extremely ineffective in most cases. Stop killing your performance. Whenever you feel that writing an essay takes too much time, do not you spend the most of it on your correspondence with your friends and watching funny pictures or videos? If it’s your regular practice, it’s time to develop new habits. Set the timer, designate intermediate targets and monitor the process.


The pursuit of excellence

This is the next hurdle that can steal your time and energy – your excessive desire for excellence. By the way, this can be one of the reasons for seeking help in writing an essay. The main symptoms: a waste of too much time to choose a topic.


Cannot find a suitable topic? Close your eyes and put your finger at random point at the list of topics. The topic you are on is what you need. Slightly change it or direct it in the direction you need;

Using an outdated approach to learning

Today we have mobile applications or programs for everything. You probably use apps to filter photos or select the best recipe. Why do not you use online tools to write an essay? In the Internet there are a lot of online essay writer help, exactly hese types of applications can make your life easier: editing and correcting text, links to sources, managing the results of your research, everything can make online machine instead of you


No need to reinvent the wheel.

Learning by example is one of the best research tactics. Instead of looking at an empty screen, you can search for samples of essays related to the topic of your research. It can inspire you, speed up the whole process of writing.


Ignoring the standard structure

Trying to be more innovative, students sometimes use extraordinary formatting skills in an essay to show their creativity. In most cases this is not productive and the teachers will not appreciate your efforts. The standard structure of the essay will work best: introduction, 3 or more main points; conclusions.


Reader fatigue

Never underestimate the importance of attention-grabbing elements, especially in the first paragraph. If you tire your reader from the very beginning, then you will lose it forever. Well-established techniques to attract attention: rhetorical questions, dialogue with the reader, stories, anecdotes or jokes, statistics, urgent news, amazing facts.


Do not forget about the statements

Even one sentence can save all of your essay. Place the conclusions at the end of the introductory paragraph and it should perform the following functions: summing up the main points, expressing one’s position, providing a development plan for the whole work. After you finish, proofread essay.

For example: “Scientists showed statistics that colors have impact on someone’s mood and productivity, so that the design of offices should be aligned not only with the manager’s personal preferences, but also psychological recommendations.”


Repetition of ideas

Repeating the same ideas only for the required volume of text is a common mistake. Your conclusion should reflect your introduction and this is the only place where repetition is justified.


Jumping from one idea to another

It is worthwhile to help your readers understand your thought by including transitions between different sections. Even if the logical transition between sections seems obvious, do not forget to include this connecting element in order to dispel all possible doubts or misunderstandings.


Ignoring stylistic errors

Another reason why you might need help writing an essay is your writing style. Your main task is to make your essay look like an academic document. These tips will help you to eliminate random flaws:


Avoid unreasonable language

For example: “Smoking is disgusting.”

Always feel free to give substantial evidence or a quote to support your opinion

For example: “In 2014, the study confirmed that smoking is harmful to your lungs.”

Avoid categorical language.

For example: “Students must learn both day and night.”

Add modal verbs such as “can”, “possibly”, “maybe”, “could”, and “instead.” For example: “Longer learning periods and proper time management could improve the performance of students.”


Use formal style. Avoid jargon, abbreviations or conversational expressions.

We hope that you do not even read this line, because your project is now very close to perfection, and you are almost a great paper writer.

Essays for the MBA: how to write and how not to write?

Essays for the MBA: how to write and how not to write?

Essays for the MBA program – a type of analogue of the introductory essay, which many of you wrote when entering universities, and require of the professional writer. Here you will need to tell what kind of person you are, what you strive for and what principles you follow. To become a student of a prestigious business school, it is not enough just to pass a GMAT to a high score. To do this, it is necessary to be an ideologically savvy leader with unlimited prospects, the only drawback of which is the lack of an MBA degree.


The business school is looking for how much you fit their requirement, and, accordingly, the demand of the company in which you will work after graduate an MBA. Schools are interested in “selling” you to the best companies to reflect this in their reports about employment of graduates. In each school you will be asked to write from 3 to 12 essays ranging from 150 to 2,000 words, but most schools are limited to 3-5 essays.


MBA essay themes

The essay topics can be very different, but 90% of schools will ask to answer the question, “What level in your career you want to reach and in what issues can a business school help you in this?” Also very common are the topics: “What contribution are you going to make for the business school?” And “What do you prefer in work the most?”. Most schools offer original topics, usually 1-2, such as “In which historical event would you like to participate?”


How you should not write

The main mistake of most applicants is the desire to answer the question is not related to the topic, but the one that they themselves would like to answer. Previously you start writing for an MBA, try to carefully study the topic of the essay, draw up an around plan and see if you can open each of the items and answer all the questions. One more familiar to committee mistake is the applicants’ desire to “fit” themselves into the common standards. Undoubtedly, schools want to see smart people (they demand to pass a GMAT test), ambitious (so they are wonder in your future career development) leaders (they want to learn about this from essays and recommendations), and these qualities should not be questioned. However, at the question “What do you value most of all?”, do not tell that you involve in charity, if in fact you do not like it. Better think about the sincere answer to the question.

The essay for the MBA should be personal and open. Do not try to wonder the admission committee with answers like: “My biggest drawback is perfectionism; I cannot calm down until everything is perfect.” They check thousands of essays every year and feel insincere for a kilometer. Try to avoid pathos and meaningfulness. Committee that will read your essays are probably older and more experienced than you. Statements like “I understood life …” from a man at the age of 25 will seem ridiculously. So how do I write an essay for the MBA and who should proofread my essay? After you understand the topic of the essay, draw up a plan: what do you want to say and in what order? Then think about what examples will best illustrate your theses. It is best to select cases from personal experience, not from the life of world leaders. The school wants to know about you, not about someone else.

It is very useful to compile a list of various successes from your life. This may be a new project that you developed for the company, or a large corporate, or a gift gathering event for disadvantaged children. Anything. Having such a list in front of your eyes, it will be easier for you to write essays on special topics.


When the plan and examples are ready, try to find an interesting beginning for your essay. This can be a familiar quote of a famous leader or a short life story illustrating your main thesis. No less essential thing is that the essay should be interesting. Imagine a person reading in one day a twentieth essay. The last thing he wants is to see a tedious retelling of what is written on the site. Make him wonder. Well, last: as a rule, the essay for the MBA includes several topics. Therefore, each essay should complement the rest. It should become only part of the general mosaic of the essay, application form and recommendations. It is not necessary in all essays to describe the same examples, as well as not need to mention all the examples in one essay. Imagine yourself in the place of a specialist admissions committee. Ask for advice from essay writer service or online paper writer to avoid unpleasant moments and to understand how outsiders evaluate your works.

Proofreading Essay Services

Proofreading Essay Services

Proofreading, as many students and teachers understand it at school, is the equivalent to editing paper. Essentially, when one is expected to “proofread” they are expected to find any and all errors within that paper. These errors are including, but are not limited to spelling errors, grammar errors, and making sure it flows. There are a few tips about how to proofread an essay.

Proofreading Tip #1

To utilize the spell checker on your word processor. The first thing you should do after typing anything is to make sure there are not any colored squiggles under anything that you have written. While some spell checkers automatically fix these things for you, they might not have an alternative spelling for something that you have written. If that is the case, go to whatever word is squiggled and try to remember what it is that you attempted to type. If you recall but do not know how to spell it, you either look it up in a dictionary or cut-and-paste that word into your web browser and see if any alternative spellings come up.

Proofreading Tip #2.

Print your essay put and examined it in person. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need for errors to start popping out left and right. If you hold your paper in your hand and read it, you could possibly find more things that you could not see on the computer. Computers can be very distracting whether that be to the lights, the Internet, of other programs. So, printing your paper out can be really helpful. Remember that at this point you are only looking for mechanical areas such as spelling, comma usage and verb tenses.

Proofreading Tip #3.

Ask yourself the following questions as you reread your paper. Do I have a clear thesis?; did I address my prompts?; do my body paragraphs stick to their topic sentences?; does my conclusion restate my thesis and avoid including any new information?. Essentially, make sure you stayed on topic. If at any time you unsure of your content, highlight it and address at a later time. Once time has passed, you might be able to clarify to yourself if you were on track or not. If you are absolutely stuck on whether your points are valid or not, get a second opinion, whether that be from a peer, your instructor, or a tutor.