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Tips for students: how to write a philosophy paper from A to Z and get excellent mark

Features of psychology as a scientific discipline and difficulties in writing philosophy paper

Psychology in itself is a science of complex and ambiguous. Take into account at least the fact that even a clear and unanimously accepted definition of the very subject of studying psychology – human psychology – is still not there. This detail finds its reflection in vivid and very different styles of psychologists, a lot of contradictory methods and ubiquitous opportunities for discussions and scientific disputes.

Moreover, psychological studies themselves are often subjective. The researcher is forced to address not only the theory, but also his own point of view on certain aspects of the human psyche. Even doctors of sciences agree that psychological research and self-knowledge of the researcher-psychologist have a close relationship. It’s no wonder that even the very necessity of writing philosophy paper often leads students into a stupor.

Nevertheless, the observance of certain rules will help to write the course as quickly as possible, and also to overcome the main difficulties arising in the research process. As practice shows, if writing a course according to the plan, clearly adhering to a certain structure, work on the first scientific work will go much easier.

The structure of writing philosophy paper

In the most general form, the structure of course work on psychology is as follows:

  1. Introduction;
  2. The main part (theoretical and practical sections);
  3. Conclusion;
  4. List of used literature;
  5. Annexes.

In the case of philosophy paper, it is especially important to write the introduction correctly, which is almost the most difficult part of the whole work.

The main difficulty consists in the competent specification of 5 fundamentally important parameters:

  • the object and the subject of the research;
  • relevance of the research topic;
  • the main purpose of the work;
  • tasks assigned to achieve the goal of the work;
  • working hypotheses.

The urgency of the work is determined by the level of its study at the moment and the need for further study from the point of view of the development of psychology as a science. For example, works on old theories of personality are not relevant today – there is a sense in detailed studies of the newest theories, especially if they have not been sufficiently studied.

The goal of any philosophy paper is the study of the subject of research. The goal can only be one and it must be formulated with the words “reveal”, “explore,” “study,” “develop,” etc. The single goal of the work is specified through specific tasks – as a rule, their number does not exceed five.

To fulfill all the tasks set and to achieve the research objective, a working hypothesis is used – the basic assumption, whose fidelity and capacity is verified during the research.

The very course of the study is described in the main part of the course work, which must necessarily include 2 chapters:

  • a theoretical review of the literature on this topic;
  • research part.

Particularly important for course work on psychology is the research part. Psychological studies are most often performed using the basic method – a scientific experiment that involves special trainings, interviews and tests among the subjects.

The results of the psychological experiment conducted by the student are described in the conclusion, which sums up the results of the entire study. In conclusion, it is finally determined whether the initial working hypothesis has been confirmed (verified).

Annexes often by volume may even exceed the bulk of the course work. After all, the specificity of psychological research involves the use of special tables and graphs, as well as questionnaires, which are necessarily placed in the annexes to the course. In addition, the student who conducted the surveys should provide in the applications a questionnaire of all subjects.

The objectives of the philosophy paper work are:

  • expansion and deepening of theoretical knowledge of students in fundamental and practice-oriented branches of psychology;
  • mastering the methodology of psychological research;
  • acquisition of independent literary search skills in solving specific research problems;
  • improving the skills of generalization of theoretical and empirical data;
  • improving the skills of correct processing and interpretation of psychodiagnostic material;
  • applying the system of theoretical knowledge obtained in the practice of solving specific psychological problems;

In philosophy paper, a student should show:

  • an understanding of the logic of psychological research;
  • ability to navigate in modern scientific concepts;
  • the ability to analyze and generalize literary sources, formulate conclusions and assumptions;
  • the ability to independently set and solve research and practical tasks;
  • skills of quantitative and qualitative processing of empirical material.

Can I use free essays: is it plagiarism?

Can I use free essays: is it plagiarism?

We are taught that copying the work of others is bad. In fact, stealing someone else’s ideas and giving them away for their own is a crime that has far-reaching consequences. At the same time, the desire for originality at any cost can also have negative consequences. There are circumstances when copying is acceptable or even recommended. Free-plagiarism is a dream of all college students. Typically, this can be part of the learning process. For example, free essays are absolutely legitimate, as a source of inspiration. There is nothing wrong with copying for the sake of learning.

The history has known examples of copying. There is, for instance, the famous story of the 14-year-old Mozart copying Mizerere Allegri, his 12-minute play, note after note, after hearing it only once. Mizerere is the author of Psalm 51, and in those days, writing or performing it anywhere, except for the church, could lead to excommunication (the exception to the sacraments of the church). Papa, however, did not punish Mozart. Instead, he praised the musical abilities of the young boy and even lifted the ban on recording and playing Mizerere. Papa appreciated the talent that could accomplish the almost impossible task of copying this melody.

Students use free samples of essays and follow their style and format, as musicians learn to play melodies by ear, artists create variations on famous masterpieces; software developers use some interesting code snippets that they find. Observation and imitation are a powerful strategy for learning and complete your essay, because of the way our brain works.

Have you noticed that you can accomplish the task faster and easier if you have a good role model? This is a simple and natural way to learn. Learning does not necessarily require suffering. You must use the potential of your brain to the fullest, instead of trying to violate the laws of his work.

At the same time, it is very important to use the imitation strategy correctly. The boundary between “inspire” and “copy” can be blurred. Copying and pasting some parts of free articles into your own document is not the right way. Do not expect an easy disposal of plagiarism, as it is easy to detect using freely available software. In addition, there is no expiration date for plagiarism.

Annette Schawan, the German education minister, learned about this at her own bitter experience: she had to resign from her post after accidentally plagiarism was discovered in her doctoral dissertation.

Golden Rules for Avoiding Plagiarism

Nevertheless, do not be afraid of unintentional plagiarism. You may use the essay writer help to take away unneeded phrases. When checking for plagiarism, it is easy to detect duplicate content, but teachers will double-check to avoid unreasonable charges. Just take the appropriate precautions:

Use quotation marks with direct quotes word for word, carefully rephrase indirect quotes, use free abstracts for your inspiration and for research purposes;

Do not quote free work, as they are just a learning tool. Select the most valuable resources from the bibliography and use their primary sources. The valuable information and ideas contained in such archives can help accelerate your research. Learning by observing and imitating the work done by specialists, when used correctly, can be very effective tactics during research.