Essays for the MBA: how to write and how not to write?

Essays for the MBA: how to write and how not to write?

Essays for the MBA program – a type of analogue of the introductory essay, which many of you wrote when entering universities, and require of the professional writer. Here you will need to tell what kind of person you are, what you strive for and what principles you follow. To become a student of a prestigious business school, it is not enough just to pass a GMAT to a high score. To do this, it is necessary to be an ideologically savvy leader with unlimited prospects, the only drawback of which is the lack of an MBA degree.


The business school is looking for how much you fit their requirement, and, accordingly, the demand of the company in which you will work after graduate an MBA. Schools are interested in “selling” you to the best companies to reflect this in their reports about employment of graduates. In each school you will be asked to write from 3 to 12 essays ranging from 150 to 2,000 words, but most schools are limited to 3-5 essays.


MBA essay themes

The essay topics can be very different, but 90% of schools will ask to answer the question, “What level in your career you want to reach and in what issues can a business school help you in this?” Also very common are the topics: “What contribution are you going to make for the business school?” And “What do you prefer in work the most?”. Most schools offer original topics, usually 1-2, such as “In which historical event would you like to participate?”


How you should not write

The main mistake of most applicants is the desire to answer the question is not related to the topic, but the one that they themselves would like to answer. Previously you start writing for an MBA, try to carefully study the topic of the essay, draw up an around plan and see if you can open each of the items and answer all the questions. One more familiar to committee mistake is the applicants’ desire to “fit” themselves into the common standards. Undoubtedly, schools want to see smart people (they demand to pass a GMAT test), ambitious (so they are wonder in your future career development) leaders (they want to learn about this from essays and recommendations), and these qualities should not be questioned. However, at the question “What do you value most of all?”, do not tell that you involve in charity, if in fact you do not like it. Better think about the sincere answer to the question.

The essay for the MBA should be personal and open. Do not try to wonder the admission committee with answers like: “My biggest drawback is perfectionism; I cannot calm down until everything is perfect.” They check thousands of essays every year and feel insincere for a kilometer. Try to avoid pathos and meaningfulness. Committee that will read your essays are probably older and more experienced than you. Statements like “I understood life …” from a man at the age of 25 will seem ridiculously. So how do I write an essay for the MBA and who should proofread my essay? After you understand the topic of the essay, draw up a plan: what do you want to say and in what order? Then think about what examples will best illustrate your theses. It is best to select cases from personal experience, not from the life of world leaders. The school wants to know about you, not about someone else.

It is very useful to compile a list of various successes from your life. This may be a new project that you developed for the company, or a large corporate, or a gift gathering event for disadvantaged children. Anything. Having such a list in front of your eyes, it will be easier for you to write essays on special topics.


When the plan and examples are ready, try to find an interesting beginning for your essay. This can be a familiar quote of a famous leader or a short life story illustrating your main thesis. No less essential thing is that the essay should be interesting. Imagine a person reading in one day a twentieth essay. The last thing he wants is to see a tedious retelling of what is written on the site. Make him wonder. Well, last: as a rule, the essay for the MBA includes several topics. Therefore, each essay should complement the rest. It should become only part of the general mosaic of the essay, application form and recommendations. It is not necessary in all essays to describe the same examples, as well as not need to mention all the examples in one essay. Imagine yourself in the place of a specialist admissions committee. Ask for advice from essay writer service or online paper writer to avoid unpleasant moments and to understand how outsiders evaluate your works.