Help with essays: 12 risks for your academic success

Help with essays: 12 risks for your academic success

Do you know this feeling like you are ready to fail your essay? This article tells you how to do the best papers ever and edit amazing college papers. Only a small change in your approach is all you need to be successful. Just stop doing the following and you will notice how your essays:



Probably, there is no need to search numerous studies that have proved that multitasking is extremely ineffective in most cases. Stop killing your performance. Whenever you feel that writing an essay takes too much time, do not you spend the most of it on your correspondence with your friends and watching funny pictures or videos? If it’s your regular practice, it’s time to develop new habits. Set the timer, designate intermediate targets and monitor the process.


The pursuit of excellence

This is the next hurdle that can steal your time and energy – your excessive desire for excellence. By the way, this can be one of the reasons for seeking help in writing an essay. The main symptoms: a waste of too much time to choose a topic.


Cannot find a suitable topic? Close your eyes and put your finger at random point at the list of topics. The topic you are on is what you need. Slightly change it or direct it in the direction you need;

Using an outdated approach to learning

Today we have mobile applications or programs for everything. You probably use apps to filter photos or select the best recipe. Why do not you use online tools to write an essay? In the Internet there are a lot of online essay writer help, exactly hese types of applications can make your life easier: editing and correcting text, links to sources, managing the results of your research, everything can make online machine instead of you


No need to reinvent the wheel.

Learning by example is one of the best research tactics. Instead of looking at an empty screen, you can search for samples of essays related to the topic of your research. It can inspire you, speed up the whole process of writing.


Ignoring the standard structure

Trying to be more innovative, students sometimes use extraordinary formatting skills in an essay to show their creativity. In most cases this is not productive and the teachers will not appreciate your efforts. The standard structure of the essay will work best: introduction, 3 or more main points; conclusions.


Reader fatigue

Never underestimate the importance of attention-grabbing elements, especially in the first paragraph. If you tire your reader from the very beginning, then you will lose it forever. Well-established techniques to attract attention: rhetorical questions, dialogue with the reader, stories, anecdotes or jokes, statistics, urgent news, amazing facts.


Do not forget about the statements

Even one sentence can save all of your essay. Place the conclusions at the end of the introductory paragraph and it should perform the following functions: summing up the main points, expressing one’s position, providing a development plan for the whole work. After you finish, proofread essay.

For example: “Scientists showed statistics that colors have impact on someone’s mood and productivity, so that the design of offices should be aligned not only with the manager’s personal preferences, but also psychological recommendations.”


Repetition of ideas

Repeating the same ideas only for the required volume of text is a common mistake. Your conclusion should reflect your introduction and this is the only place where repetition is justified.


Jumping from one idea to another

It is worthwhile to help your readers understand your thought by including transitions between different sections. Even if the logical transition between sections seems obvious, do not forget to include this connecting element in order to dispel all possible doubts or misunderstandings.


Ignoring stylistic errors

Another reason why you might need help writing an essay is your writing style. Your main task is to make your essay look like an academic document. These tips will help you to eliminate random flaws:


Avoid unreasonable language

For example: “Smoking is disgusting.”

Always feel free to give substantial evidence or a quote to support your opinion

For example: “In 2014, the study confirmed that smoking is harmful to your lungs.”

Avoid categorical language.

For example: “Students must learn both day and night.”

Add modal verbs such as “can”, “possibly”, “maybe”, “could”, and “instead.” For example: “Longer learning periods and proper time management could improve the performance of students.”


Use formal style. Avoid jargon, abbreviations or conversational expressions.

We hope that you do not even read this line, because your project is now very close to perfection, and you are almost a great paper writer.