How to analyze the article?

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Ability to analyze and critically think is a valuable skill in writing high school essays. It will not only help you in your studies, but it will also allow you to evaluate the validity of news articles and carry out necessary, sometimes thorough research. A good analysis requires writing a summation based on an article and researching a biography of its author. The first reading should be used to understand the general concept of the material and get a general understanding of its content. If you are reading an article of specific content, you should make sure that you understand all the data before you begin the analysis. Try to write a short summary of an article with a volume of 3-4 sentences. If you cannot do this, then you may need to reread it again. Think about the opportunity to retell the article out loud, if you do it easier than writing a resume. If you can briefly retell the content of the article, avoiding unnecessary use of technical terms, you are ready to move on. Also you can print the article. In case you do not know how to use special programs like Evernote, you should do it manually or ask someone to edit paper. Make sure that the page numbers are printed on the printouts, so that you can correctly refer to the article when you analyze it. Highlight the main points in the article, which will be the main argument, which the author emphasizes or tries to prove in his material. Your analysis will return to this thesis, as you decide how successful the author was able to convince his audience. Conduct a small biographical study about the author of the article. His qualifications will show whether the author’s opinion is competent. In historical articles, it will also show whether the author’s work is a primary or secondary source. Determine whether you think that the author can be accused of bias. In articles related to the media, you must determine whether the author can remain fairly uninterested in his coverage of recent events. Indicate whether you think that the author wrote an article designed for this audience to be sure in the right type of essays. For example, if the audience is an unlimited circle of people, and the author uses purely technical terms, then this article will probably be difficult to understand. Cite the article to highlight particularly successful or failed arguments. Analyze the article, establishing how informative and interrelated the author’s arguments are. Go back to your notes to find quotes or questions about the validity of the argument. Always check the contents of your work, spelling and grammatical errors before using it at the according; also you may use online essay writer help to do it. Although the article analysis can be done quickly enough, it should be edited at least once. Make a critical reading of the article to finally determine that everything is relevant and make sure of your success.